the-north-water-by-ian-mcguireThis is a very special novel, ladies and gentlemen, as numerous critics from around the world included it in the list of the best books of the year. This is a historical thriller, and that means sleepless nights are guaranteed! Mr. Ian McGuire has already received several prestigious awards for it, and the trophies just keep coming.

The North Water is swift, twisty, gripping and impossible to put down. And it's riveting, dark, suspenseful and beautiful. As far as historical suspense goes, McGuire's latest masterpiece is right there among the greatest books. Welcome to the 19th century. A whaling ship is headed for the arctic, hoping to make some money on its way back. The crew has a killer on board, but they don't know about it yet.

Drax is a professional harpooner and he hops on the ship trying to get away from the stinking life in Yorkshire and to see the world. They say the Arctic Circle’s waters are where the real fun begins, so, he intends to stick around long enough to see for himself. Sumner, another member of the crew, used to be a surgeon in the army.

He's got a bad reputation on the big land and no money in his pockets, which makes this filthy, brutal and ill-fated "journey" his best option. He thinks that he's seen it all in India, where he was stationed as a medic, but, as it turns out, he still has a lot to learn from this life. Soon, he discovers something evil aboard the ship, and he doesn't hesitate to confront Drax. The tension between the two men heats up as they enter the freezing arctic waters. So, who will survive this clash? Who will go back with the ultimate price in his hand?

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