the-obsidian-chamber-by-douglas-prestonDouglas Preston is back on the international sales charts, ladies and gentlemen, and he brought the world-acclaimed Agent Pendergast with him. That's right - this is the official new chapter in the groundbreaking series, and the readers are in for a real treat. The Obsidian Chamber starts on a high note and keeps the tension rising to the very last page.

The story is both thrilling and engaging, and there are enough twists and "Wow!" moments to make you forget about the outside world and keep on reading. After an excruciating, life-defining fight on the shores of Exmouth, Agent Pendergast is nowhere to be found, so, the government and everybody who knew him presume that he passed away. The man's ward, Constance, is shocked with the news of his death, and she doesn't really know how to cope with the overwhelming grief.

Eventually, she goes back to her chambers in her mansion's "basement". Yet, she doesn't get the chance to rest in peace, as someone from the past kidnaps her and takes her away. At the same time, Proctor, the agent's lifetime bodyguard and good friend, starts an international chase for the girl's kidnapper and follows their trace all across the globe, including cities, countries and uncharted wastelands.

However, by the time he finally learns the real truth about it all, a horrifying mechanism is already put in motion, and it may be too late for him to do anything about it. The Obsidian Chamber is another exemplary mystery thriller from Douglas Preston. The writing is brisk and crisp, and the killer mix of suspense and action makes it one of the greatest novels of 2016.

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