the-odds-of-loving-grover-cleveland-by-rebekah-craneLadies and gentlemen, please meet Zander, a 16-year-old girl who is convinced that "Nowhere" is not a figure of speech but an actual place. Oh, and she's having the best time of her life over there! However, her mom and dad are constantly encouraging her to leave her fantasy world behind and get back into the real one. Furthermore, they want her to go to a summer camp that will help her figure out what she should focus all her time and energy on.

But, Rebekah Crane's lovely character can't really fit in at first. She doesn't want to speak to her peers, as they're all kinds crazy and disastrous. Cassie, her roommate, is a depressive anorexic, along with a long list of other things. Grover Cleveland - aha, exactly like one of the greatest American presidents in history - is a handsome-yet-controversial fella who is certain that he'll end up being schizophrenic in the nearest future.

And finally, there's Bek who doesn't speak a word of truth and is as charming as they come. So, despite the fact that the camp's population is far from perfect (or normal), somewhere along all those stupid sessions and late-night conversations Zander finally finds her true soul mates, or, at the very least, some young folks that she can confide in and share her deepest dreams and nightmares with.

But, as the time at the camp comes to an end, the four misfits start to share their almost-tragic secrets. And Zander finally admits to herself that she's attracted to Grover's honest, charming personality, which means she could be happy in the real world too. Still, before she can claim her happiness, she'll have to overcome her deepest fears.

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