The Odyssey by Homer

Homer-The-OdysseyThe Odyssey is, of course, no bedtime reading that you can swallow during one evening. Reading this book requires very high concentration. Do not think it is difficult or boring, actually, it has a lot of fun moments. Odysseus is the first and the greatest rascal of world literature. The whole poem is about him and his adventures.

Homer does not start his epic with the traditional beginning. After you read prelude you will learn how Odysseus is landed happily at his native Ithaca. Under pseudonymous, he tells to the listener about his recent adventures: The Blinding of Polyphemus, the ride between Scylla and Charybdis, the Sirens and Circe... and much more. After some interesting events in the house of Odysseus, we finally read how Odysseus sails to Ithaca.

As you can see, that the first epic poet of European literature choice to make his story more exciting than it already is by a conscious violation of the events chronology. But not only with that. In contrast to the Iliad, he tells the story of Odyssey in a different way. This poem is not about great heroes and clashing of swords. It's about the triumph of the wit. So Odyssey defeats the Сyclop not by force, but by the brain (Odysseus: "My name is Nobody" - Polyphemus, some time later: "Nobody has robbed me Nobody has blinded me!"). Even during the introduction of the poem the Odyssey is characterized as cunning and wit man.

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