Ernest Hebert is back on the horizon, ladies, and gentlemen, and he brought a top-notch historical novel along with him. The story is set in Canada and New England back when the bloody French/Indian wars were raging. Caucus-Meteor, the main character of the book, is a sophisticated person, an ambitious, dedicated man, the so-called king of the very first American tribes that confronted the English folks.

Now the tribes are beaten up and devastated, not to mention ravaged by a terrifying disease and have no other choice but to give everything they've got away just to get a piece of land in Canada, away from all the horrors of war. Caucus gets his hands on Blake, a slave of the Algonkians, and gives him shelter in his village, as opposed to selling him to the French soldiers that were ready to pay a handsome fee.

Slowly, but steadily, the man gets used to the ways of the village and starts to fit in. At the same time, the French are constantly attacking the natives, and Caucus-Meteor is doing whatever he can to protect his people and to keep them from harm's way. He has to constantly be "on the lookout" and up his diplomatic game; otherwise, his people will be wiped off the face of the Earth.

He is a brilliant, near-genius patriot who knows more about the Europeans than the English or French conquerors. He is equally grumpy, fearless and brilliant, and the readers will most definitely find him wildly appealing and engaging. Ernest Hebert took a real story from the past and turned it into a national bestseller. Only a man of his magnitude and writing skills could pull this off!

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