Bin Laden used to be the most wanted man on planet Earth, and this is the story of the elite SEAL team that put him down and brought peace to the American people. Robert O’Neill is one of the best operatives this country has ever seen, and in this gripping, thrilling and thought-provoking book, the man shares his life experiences as a member of the greatest Spec Ops team out there.

Before killing Bin Laden, he had been risking his life trying to save fallen comrades, taking down high-ranking members of terrorist groups and doing everything else in his power to ensure peace and order throughout the world. He was born in Butte and spent his childhood and teenage years with a loving family, great neighbors, and an even better community.

Then, all of a sudden, he decided to join the toughest SEAL team ever. The training was excruciating, but he managed to overcome all the obstacles and become a leader among the best of the best. The next ten years were spent on improving his skills and collecting intel on the most famous terrorist in history. He'd been in the action for very long periods of time, with his teammates taking down hostiles every single day.

Unfortunately, many of his brothers in arms had to sacrifice themselves for the Greater Good, but O'Neill survived to fight another day. The Operator follows this exceptional man's victorious march in Iraq and Afghanistan and his years-long fight against the greatest evil. The book comes with never-heard-before details about the legendary operation that led to taking down Bin Laden in cold blood. If you love real-world autobiographical military stories, make sure to grab your copy and enjoy!

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