the-original-dream-by-nukila-amalNukila Amal's brand-new bestseller, The Original Dream, is a wonderful journey into the heart and mind of a "magical" girl, someone who lives in multiple realities and gets the most out of her life. For her, history is like a wonderful dream, and her dreams are full of history - of her own path. She's not burdened by the limitations of time and space and roams freely through different dimensions.

Her days are filled with romance, love, shamans, magicians and even flying dragons. The Original Dream is a fascinating story of a young lady who's doing everything she can to break free from the cultural and social prejudices. At the same time, she's also trying to find her place among family, relatives and friends, a place where she can truly belong.

So, Maya navigates through her own mind, seeking for answers to centuries-old questions. Her parents, friends, and co-workers help her on her journey and share their knowledge, but only Maya knows what she truly wants and only she can choose the right path. She’s enjoying the weather, the people and the magic that has a strong presence in her hometown and still finds the time to take care of her lovely nephew, work at a nice hotel and lead a normal modern-day life. But her true calling is in finding the difference between what's real and what's just a dream, what's possible and what's impossible.

At the end of the day, does it really matter whether there is a big difference between reality and dreams, as long as you get to enjoy both? The Original Dream is a magnificent novel, a beautiful trip into your own mind and soul. If you love magical realism and enjoy metaphysical stories, Nukila Amal's latest book will definitely be a great read for you.

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