The-Other-Einstein-By-Marie-BenedictThe Other Einstein is a breath-taking novel about a brilliant, genius woman whose legacy was kinda lost 'cause of the legendary Einstein's grand shadow. Mileva, the gifted man's wife, his partner in crime, was a fascinating physicist as well and contributed handsomely to the world-famous theory of relativity.

In fact, many scientists today argue that it may have been a part of her own, intimate insight. She’s always been a bit different from the rest of the kiddos growing up. Mileva didn't care much for dolls and lipstick, and while most 20-year-old ladies were concerned with finding the right man to marry, she was happy studying physics at a prestigious university right at the heart of Zurich.

It's safe to say that it was dominated by male students, and she was the only girl around that could challenge them and even beat them in calculations. Mileva was a smart young woman and always knew that mathematics is her passion, the love of her life, and that marriage wasn't really in the books for her. However, when Albert, a student, started to treat her as a girl, rather than just a colleague, suddenly everything changes.

The two youngsters started a "partnership", both of the heart and of the mind, and, at first, it all went great. Yet, as it soon became clear, there usually isn't enough place in one marriage for two bright minds. The Other Einstein is a beautifully-written, revealing, compelling and historically-rich work of fiction that will most certainly be appreciated by the fans of smart, witty, insightful novels. It's intimate, moving, and poignant.

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