The-Other-Wes-Moore-By-Wes-MooreTwo boys, both named Wes Moore, happened to be born just a few blocks apart in the same city. Baltimore was their hometown, and they both grew up in dangerous neighborhoods - fatherless and poor. A difficult childhood was something that they had to struggle with every day, and so, both kids loved to hang out on the streets with their buddies. It goes without saying that both had constant trouble with the police officers. Yes, their lives seem to be identical, and one could predict pretty much the same life for both boys - that would be logical.

So, how on Earth did one of them manage to become a wealthy businessman, a Rhodes Scholar and a respected veteran while the other boy ended up serving a life sentence after he was charged with murder? How does something like that happen? The author of his intriguing and fascinating book, Mr. Wes Moore, is ready to answer that question - or, at least, to share his point of view with the readers.

The Other Wes Moore is a liberating, inspiring and gripping story about the reality of young boys in the American hoods who are simply trying to do something good with their lives but constantly end up in a prison cell or worse - killed in the cold streets. This is a hostile world they're growing up in, and this book's alternative narratives capture their feelings, emotions and day-to-day struggles like never before.

Nobody's safe from the horrors of street life, and Wes could've just as easily turned into a thug or a convicted murderer. If you're a fan of unique, unorthodox, real stories of regular American folks and care about the current problems that this country has to deal with, The Other Wes Moore is a must-have for you!

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