the-oxford-companion-to-wine-by-jancis-robinsonThe Oxford Companion to Wine is the ultimate guide for all the wine fans out there and comes with 4K entries on everything wine-related, including grape varieties, rich regions, growers, famous owners, and, of course, tasters. Jancis Robinson created an overwhelming, comprehensive encyclopedia of wine. It's safe to say that you'll be amazed by this book and won't ever feel the need to grab another one on the subject.

Jancis is a well-respected pro in the business, she won more international awards than you could possibly count, and The Oxford Companion to Wine is her latest masterpiece. You'll learn about the history of wine, from its origins to modern days, and it will be a really exciting journey! By the way, the official statement claims that as much as 160 professional folks made their contributions to this wonderful book, including world-famous academics, the best wine writers, specialists, owners, and sellers.

That fact alone makes this book a very special one, but, if you add Robinson's intriguing, friendly and lively writing style, the marvelous photographs and tons of invaluable info, you'll get the best wine book there ever was. This is the 4th edition, which means you'll get to enjoy all the latest trends, so to speak. Plus, the new edition includes all kinds of amazing lists and statistics to keep in touch with everything that's going on in the business.

Finally, The Oxford Companion to Wine comes with 30 maps of the greatest wine regions on planet Earth, lots of charts, images, and tons of other one-of-a-kind stuff. The Oxford Companion to Wine is the ultimate guide into the world of wine and talks about history, culture and the science behind it.

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