the-paper-magician-by-charlie-n-holmbergThe Paper Magician is like the modern-day version of the best fantasy series of the 20th-21st centuries. If you're a fan of the genre, you'll most certainly appreciate Charlie N. Holmberg's ground-breaking series. This is the very first book in the trilogy, so, if you never had the chance the read it, grab a copy and dive in! Ceony, the hero of the book, visits the house of Emery Thane with a heavy heart.

She graduated at the very top of her class, but they still gave her an apprenticeship in paper magic, even though she really wanted to "work" with metal. The thing is - once she bonds with paper on a magical level, she'll never be able to let go of it or to learn a different kind of spells. Thankfully, what seemed like a doomsday for her at first, turns into a fascinating adventure, and the paper magic makes wonders happen - she learns how to give life to paper creatures, read fortunes and do so much more!

At the same time, while these spells are truly marvelous, Ceony soon realizes that forbidden magic always comes with big risks and dangers. She learns that first-hand when an Excisioner, someone who practices dark magic, crashes Emery by ripping his heart out of his chest. However, the magician is not dead yet, and Ceony can still save him.

But, she'll have to confront the Excisioner and travel into the deepest parts of the man's still-working heart, to discover his very essence. Charlie N. Holmberg's debut novel is simply un-put-down-able, and it's equally exciting both for the kids and the grown-ups. Embark on the wildest journey of your life and help Ceony save her teacher!

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