The Paris Wife by Paula McLain

The-Paris-Wife-Paula-McLainPaula McLains international bestseller is a moving book about love. It is a fascinating glance at the one of world literature's greatest writers and his captivating journey in the atmosphere of roaring '20s "in Paris.

Hadley Richardson was immediately attracted by Ernest Hemingway when she first time saw him in Chicago in 1920. He was amazing and in one heart beat charmed her. She was seven years older than the 21-year-old Hemingway, but not only inexperienced in physical love but relatively naïve also.

Very soon they are married and fly to the Paris where they successfully submerged with the literary circles. Society enjoyed a newfound freedom, with they received after World War. In that days, the old-fashioned values were not very popular – especially the family values and live in monogamy. Hemingway find his literary voice in that atmosphere of everyone freedom and wrote his "The Sun Also Rises".

It is also noteworthy that the author does not hesitate to draw the famous writer in a light that no given him the respect. Your Hemingway is a macho and above all, he is totally obsessed by his work. The literally is the only thong that can by sacred to him.

As soon as he celebrates successes, he forgot about his early friends. But even more, it seems that, without exception, everyone who entered into Hemingways life, they exist only for fulfills a specific function. So Hadley was the woman who gave him encouragement in especially bad times, Gertrude Stein with Sherwood Anderson opened doors to Parisian artistic circles, etc.

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