The Payback

paybackDennis Milne is a former cop and part-time assassin. He kills the bad guys - people who, in his opinion, deserve to die. Now he's in Manila, waiting for his next target: a young woman who's made some deadly enemies.

DI Tina Boyd is in Manila hunting down the man responsible for the death of her lover. She knows he's dangerous. She knows he's ruthless. But she's determined to bring him to justice - even if it kills her.

Two cops with pasts that haunt them - and a present that could see them both dead.

They are about to meet.

And when they do, it's payback time.

This book always keeps you on the edge of your seat. Danny and his grandpa are usually one step ahead of the Secret Intelligent spies who are trying to kill them wherever they are. Marcie Deveraux, a woman who works for the Secret Intelligace Service, is constantly changing sides on who she wants to help. She can help Danny and gramps, or she can help the Secret Intelligence Service. She adds a constant twist to the book because she is always shooting at something or someone, so everyone better watch out for her. Fergus and Danny have to worry about her, and they have to worry about teenage suicide bombers that have been popping up everywhere. However, Danny's girlfriend is constantly helping these two escape from danger. What would you do if you were in all of this mass chaos that Danny and Fergus are in? I know I wouldn't know what to do. In addition to all of this intensity, Danny and Fergus were constantly moving around from place to place in this book. They had to travel on foot for most of this story, so Fergus had to think of many great places to hide when the Secret Intelligence Service was on their heels. Fergus camped down in a national forest with Danny after he, Fergus, had been shot in the leg. Fergus hid himself in some pine trees where no one could see him. These two convicts, who are on the run, also broke into highly guarded areas. Danny broke into an army facility that had guards with machine guns and ferocious guard dogs. He did this just to clear his grandfather's name from the Secret Intelligence Service.

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