The Penguin Book of Baby Names


Of all the decisions a new parent makes, choosing that special name is the most significant and the most rewarding.

A new reference book for prospective parents, this clear, helpful and easy-to-use A-Z guide gives you thousands of brilliant suggestions for picking the perfect name for your new arrival. It also includes appendices of the top ten names through the centuries and the most popular celebrity names.

Clear, helpful, and easy-to-use, The Penguin Book of Baby Names offers thousands of wonderful suggestions for picking the perfect name for your bundle of joy. It includes:

* Separate sections for boys' and girls' names

* More than 5,000 names, from well-loved favorites to something a little different

* The most popular celebrity names

* Top ten names through the centuries

* Facts about the true meanings and stories behind each name

The thing about this book is that it's short, sweet, and yes, there are some unique but not outrageous names. This is a shorter book than most baby names books because they leave out all those extremely weird, hard to say names, that would never be used here in America. They keep it simple and still include a lot of unique names that are usable.

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