the-perfume-collector-by-kathleen-tessaroHistorical romance is a pretty popular genre these days, and if you're a fan, then you'll be pleased to learn that Kathleen Tessaro's fascinating novel will be a wonderful read for you. The Perfume Collector is a truly remarkable story about love, passion, desire, secrets and the endless possibilities that this world gives to every single one of us.

Grace, the main character, is a newlywed, and she's the farthest thing from a socialite in the eyes of the society and in her own mind. She's living the life of a modest girl in the '50s London. However, one day, she suddenly receives a huge inheritance from a person she never met (or heard of) before. Naturally, Grace wants to know everything about her and to discover the real reason for this generosity. Soon, the girl uncovers a breath-taking story of a magnificent woman, who was the biggest inspirations, the muse of France's best perfumers.

She’s been to NY, France, London, and her name was immortalized in 3 thrilling perfumes. Her name is Eva d’Orsey, and her life story completely changes Grace's reality. She encourages her to be who she is, to believe in herself and to stop pretending to be someone else. Everybody expects her to be a certain kind of a young woman, but she's so much more than that.

The Perfume Collector is a novel about love, obsession, memories, and scents. Kathleen Tessaro created a gripping tale that takes us through decades and makes us believe in all kinds of wonderful things. Without Eva, Grace would probably never get out of her comfort zone and become who she was supposed to be in the first place. Sometimes all we need is a little nudge to find the courage and to do great things.

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