Believe it or not, this is the very first novel by the legendary English writer, Sir Charles Dickens. The publishers asked him to take over a big project - he was a striving writer and had some success with his Sketches (he wasn't writing under his name and loved using a nickname - Boz). Seymour, the man who worked on the original series, took his own life, and Charles became the one and only man to finish it.

However, after it became a "hit", the man's widow claimed that Dickens stole her man's idea and treacherously used it to gain recognition. But Dickens himself denied it and said that the whole book was written by him and Seymour had no part in it, whatsoever. He was 24 years old back then, and, when the publishers offered him to work on the Pickwick series, he was more than glad to do some real writing and to put himself out there.

Yes, Seymour wrote the original 9 chapters, but 10th was completely written by Dickens. It's part adventure, part detective, part drama. Samuel, the main character of the story, is a nice, good-willed, rich gent, the founder and the owner of the self-titled club. He's bored of life and wants to bring something exciting, entertaining and riveting into his daily routine.

So, he coaxes his colleagues to go outside of London and check out what's it like to live outside of the capital, out in the suburbs. Their journey, the "trip" throughout the UK is the main theme of the book, but it's the rich, multi-layered and memorable main characters that turned The Pickwick Papers into a bestseller. This is a funny, engaging, relaxing adventure novel with a good story, Dickens' trademark writing, and, again, amazing characters.

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