John Bunyan wrote this grandiose, majestic Christian allegory in 1678, and, to this day, it's considered as one of the biggest religious novels in literature. It's been translated into 200+ languages and some critics-historians say that this is the first novel written in the English language. The author started working on the book when he was doing time in prison for holding services where he wasn't allowed to do that.

Back in the day, the Church was controlling pretty much every move of the citizens, and honest, religious folks like Bunyan had to pay for their ambitions. The original version is comprised of 100k words and comes in two parts. The whole novel is written as a dream sequence and follows Christian, the main character of the book. He's just a regular man who's trying to take care of his family and obey God's rules.

The narrative is focused on the man's path from his home - this world - to what the author is calling the "Celestial City" - the Heavens. He's doing everything in his power to reach the top of a huge mountain, but the burden of his sin is too heavy and it's constantly dragging him down. If he fails to prevail, the sin will "sink" him into the Earth's core, where Hell is.

Christian is constantly struggling with the weight, but he desperately needs deliverance to ease the burden and to make it to the top. An Evangelist tells him that he'll find what he's looking for at the "Wicket Gate", and so, that's where the hero goes. He leaves his entire family - his wife and the kids - to save his soul and to secure a better place for them all. However, he fails to persuade 'em to follow him. Christian’s journey towards salvation is similar to John Bunyan's own striving and gives insights into the man's hopes, dreams, and beliefs.

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