Steven R. Gundry is all about pioneer thinking, and thanks to his brilliant research, we can strive to be just as healthy and happy as nature wants us to be. This book is a bit different, but it's still a treasure chest of vital info. You've probably already heard of gluten: it's a special kind of protein in wheat that's capable of "putting you on fire", meaning cause inflammation all over your body.

The US citizens are spending huge amounts of money on diets that are gluten-free, hoping to fix their health that way. Could it be that they're all just trying to fix the symptom and missing the very essence of the problem? Mr. Gundry is here to tell us that while gluten is toxic, it's just one of many plant-based proteins called lectins.

And these nasty "buggers" are present not only in wheat but also in the majority of foods that we are proudly calling gluten-free and spending additional cash on to take care of our precious bodies. Numerous vegetables, beans, and everyday dairy products also come with lectin, which is some sort of protection that is found on the seeds of plants, grains, rinds, et cetera, to protect them from the aggressive predators (and we are one of them).

Once we take them in, a chemical process starts itself, causing our bodies to react with inflammation. That, in turn, often leads to some serious problems with health, including additional weight gain. At the end of the day, The Plant Paradox comes with a simple, down-to-Earth manual on how to recognize and avoid lectins and live a happy, healthy, meaningful life. Let Mr. Gundry guide you into a better future!

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