Smith is a modern-day prince: he's smart, witty, looks amazing and got those stacks of dough lining up for him. But, back in the day, he had nothing and no one was there to lend him that helping hand. He did it all by himself and is not about to f*ck it all up. And that's when Evie comes in - his best bud's little sis. She's a hussy, a true minx who looks like the most beautiful girl and the hottest porn star had a baby together.

She's an unbelievably sexy dame who knows exactly what she wants: to get into his bed and show him a good time. Evie is one of those babes that have it all and want more. She's got the best education money can buy, her big, loving family supports her on every step of the way, and her new job as a social media manager for her fam's huge corporation is paying more than enough.

But something's missing from her life, and she wants a man to take the lingerie off of her body and make her scream his name. She’s actually got just the perfect guy in mind: she's been in love with Smith for as long as she can remember, but he's always treated her as a little girl, nothing more, nothing less.

So, she's got a plan: to make her way into his bed while he's sleeping and surprise him with all the skillz she picked up while he was busy becoming one of the best at what he does. She's all grown-up now, and she's ready to play a whole different game. Soon she finds out that Smith is also into her and the sizzling-hot attraction between them turns into something bigger. It could destroy them both, so, is it really worth it? Kendall Ryan created a must-have for the fans of friends-turned-lovers erotic novels. It's hot, sexy, funny and engaging.

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