You can't win a game if you're not familiar with the rules, right? Gotta know how to ball if you wanna prevail. Life itself is like balling, and you need to shoot those hoops in order to succeed. Imagine yourself being a star playa and your life being the court and start "grooving" through all the obstacles on your way. Turn your day-to-day routine into a game, a challenge and a motivation.

Set your own rules and follow your own code. Don't listen to the haters that claim you can't do this or achieve that. Believe in yourself and keep on doing your thing - that's how you win that golden medal and triumph. Kwame Alexander is back with yet another game-changing book. You could call The Playbook a manual for the youngens, a guide towards reaching your goals and making your dreams come true.

It's hard to find inspiration in the chaos and routine, but you can choose your battles wisely and strike with artistic precision. World-wide superstars, including LeBron James, Michelle Obama, Nelson Mandela and other prominent black American folks are more than happy to share their wisdom with the young generation and to lend that much-needed hand.

Mr. Alexander himself is known for delivering those punchy poetic and energetic words that make you do more and get more. The book comes with numerous success stories that will give you the necessary kick up the butt. The Playbook is a vial book for all those young graduates and those needing just a little bit of support and incentive. Go hard or go home - that's the motto of this book, and if you want to be just like the legendary folks mentioned above, you'll have to put that work in!

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