Easton is the Lebron James of baseball, the finest player out there and a big motivator for all those kids who dream of growing up to be just like him. The game is what he cares about - it's his life, his love, and his passion. And when a bad injury threatens his entire career, the team is quick to call in Mr. Dalton, a world-respected physical therapist, to take care of the man and get him back on his feet in no time.

However, the Doc hangs back for a while, and Scout, his lovely daughter, handles the first session for him. She's defiant, agile, sassy and all-out gorgeous, but that's not really what's on Easton's mind. He doesn't need a princess to check out his leg - he needs a big-time pro to fix it, and he's starting to question whether she can provide the necessary professional help.

Scout, in turn, wants to prove the whole world that a girl can and will handle the enormous pressure of taking care of the players' recovery in a top-notch baseball club. So, all she needs to do now is work her magic and get Easton, the legendary player, back into action. But what if fixing him means getting "down and dirty" with the guy?

The man is insanely handsome and looks like he just came from a fancy photo shoot, which means messing around with him could only lead to one thing - big-time trouble! On the other hand, she desperately wants to prove she's got what it takes to "resurrect" Easton, so, what's it gonna be? The more time they spend with each other, the more she touches him, the bigger the mutual attraction gets, but is a fling really worth both their careers? The Player is a fascinating romantic novel that mixes, sports, love, passion and fun to deliver a blood-pumping joy ride for the readers.

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