Welcome to chapter three, ladies and gentlemen. It's been a bumpy ride for the main characters of this bestselling urban romance/drama series, and now we'll finally get to see how the story unfolds. Last time Reese spoke to God, the man fainted at Sloan's crib. Did his girl just tell him that his daughter has passed away? If God loses his kiddo, everything will change, and there will be dire consequences.

The question is - will he and Reese figure out a way to make it through this rough patch? Alexa's...unusual ways are catching up to her, and now that her man knows who she really is and what she's been up to, there's no telling what will happen between the two. It's not that easy to keep going like nothing has happened when a truth of that magnitude comes out.

They're crossing lines at a rapid pace, and, if they fail at pushing "stop" and figuring out where to go next, their relationship might not survive the heat. Yes, the stakes are getting higher and higher - one wrong move could result in a catastrophe. Meanwhile, Vasii and her man, Nas, seem to be the happiest couple around and the only ones who got it right.

They're pretty much a perfect couple, but when a strange voicemail emerges, their lovely family life is threatened. What are you supposed to do when you learn that the person you're in love with turns out to be not who you thought they were? Read The Plug Next Door 3 and find out! SOL did a marvelous job with the third chapter and met all the highest expectations. It's safe to say that if you're a big fan of urban novels, you'll find this book awesome in more than one way.

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