the-pool-boy-by-penny-wylderPenny Wylder is probably the most prominent writer of women's fiction right now, as her erotic novels are always topping the international sales charts. And, despite the fact that the main idea is pretty much the same, the author manages to constantly bring something new and exciting into every single book she writes. It took James one look at Vera to know that he wants her. He absolutely has to have her, but it's not gonna be an easy "job".

It all started with his friend asking him to clean a pool and cover for him. James gladly agreed as he needed that extra money. But, he most definitely did not expect to see her - a near-perfect girl with an amazing body who really loves to walk around in her bikini. James figured she did all that to get on her wealthy father's nerves, as the man would never want his daughter to date (or, God forbid, marry) a guy like him.

Well, whatever her plans might be, the new pool boy has big plans for her, as he's not used to rich girls toying with him and getting away with it. He's got a big surprise for her, something that she'll most definitely appreciate. Yes, that kind of a surprise. James can't stop thinking about Vera, and, even though he could very well get into some real trouble with the girl's dad, he makes his move and "attacks" Vera with his natural charm, killer smile, and big abs.

The Pool Boy is a superb romantic novel with a strong, gripping plot, an amazing chemistry between the main characters and a unique, lively writing style that will allow you to enjoy the book on a nice Sunday morning. Penny Wylder is known for writing the best erotic stories for the ladies, and that means satisfaction is guaranteed.

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