The Positive Dog: A Story About the Power of Positivity

The-Positive-Dog-A-Story-About-the-Power-of-PositivityDiscover the benefits of being positive. We all have two dogs inside of us. One dog is positive, happy, optimistic, and hopeful. The other dog is negative, mad, sad, pessimistic, and fearful. These two dogs often fight inside us, but guess who wins the fight? The one you feed the most.

So begins the story about a negative mutt named Matt and a big dog named Bubba who teaches him how to feed himself with positivity each day and in the process Matt transforms his own life and the shelter they call home. The Positive Dog is an inspiring, heartwarming story that not only reveals the strategies and benefits of being positive but also an essential truth for humans: Being positive doesn't just make you better. It makes everyone around you better.

Every once in a while a book comes along that synthesizes decades of psychological research, packaging it all into a handy story that teaches a valuable, life-enhancing lesson. The Positive Dog is such a book. When the author freely admits that many may feel the book is "not serious enough," his point is that he doesn't want you to miss the highly-applicable advice inside.

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