Longing for an exciting historical novel to take your breath away? Take a look at Laura McNeal's brand-new heart-breaker, The Practice House. Aldine, a 19-year-old girlie, is living in a beautiful Scottish village with her sis and aunt. It's 1929, and when a couple of Mormon missionaries comes knocking on their door, everything changes. The sister converts and leaves Scotland for America, hoping to get married to a nice fella.

Aldine decides to follow her, thinking she'll find her purpose and the one and only man that will make her happy. While in NY, she comes across an ad with a "job" for a teacher for a tiny schoolhouse in one of the worst places on Earth - Kansas. When she arrives, the farms are already half-dead and the local schools are pretty much penniless, which means they're not able to pay and/or house her.

Aldine herself doesn't have enough money in her pockets to go back. Besides, she's too proud to leave the place without even trying to do something good. So, she starts living with the fam of Mr. Price - an inspiring, optimistic bloke that placed the ad Aldine saw in New York. These people treat her like an equal and treat her with kindness, suspicion, and love.
But, just when she begins to fit in this peculiar new life of hers, something game-changing happens that might very well change the lives of Aldine and her new friends. The Practice House is a mesmerizing novel about an all-conquering love and the possibility of always finding a new home no matter where you go. This is a stunning, vibrant, beautiful-written love story that will sweep you off your feet and glue you to your sofa.

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