the-prince-of-tides-by-pat-conroyLadies and gentlemen, please welcome Pat Conroy's best-selling and award-winning novel, The Prince of Tides. This is a fundamental, emotionally powerful drama about the devastating force of secrets and how unspeakable family lies can destroy it from within. Tom, the main character of the book, is fired, and he's about to lose the one and only thing that matters in his life - his marriage. It all started with his twin sis trying to end her life again.

The girl's psychiatrist strongly recommended that he finds the time to leave his home, his family and his job in South Carolina and go to NY to help Savannah - his sister - in becoming well again. Obviously, all the time that the two spend together brings them closer, and slowly, but steadily, Tom begins to tell her the chaotic story of their family and shares the truth behind that historical day that left its ugly mark on their lives.

The Prince of Tides is partially based on the author's own childhood and teenage years, and it's a heart-wrenching, engaging story about facing the past, no matter how dark and scary it is, so that we're able to fight our own, inner demons. Pat Conroy is known as one of the most amazing writers of the 21st century, and The Prince of Tides is most definitely his greatest work to date.

As far as psychological dramas go, this book is right there among the very best. This is an honest, revealing, touching story that will resonate with millions of readers around the world, simply because we all have darkness inside of us, and fighting it, overcoming our fears and becoming stronger and better is our mutual goal.

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