The-Quaker-Cafe-By-Brenda-Bevan-RemmesThe day Liz, a free-spirited, open-minded liberal girl married a guy from a super-conservative fam, she instantly knew that raising her own kids will be a pretty big challenge for her, given the Quaker family's values and standings. 2, 5 decades later, the woman still feels a guest in her house and is a bit disappointed with her life.

Thankfully, her strong faith and loyal friends in the tiny NC town keep her happy and entertained. However, when her BFF's dad, a power figure in politics, passes away, Liz comes across huge secrets from the past that threaten to devastate the peaceful and tranquil life in Cedar Branch. The thing is - this townlet is known for its history of violent racial tensions, and she digs deeper and deeper into it.

Missis Hoole starts to do some extensive research, listens to all the gossip nonsense in the Quaker Cafe, the place where pretty much all the local meet every single day, and asks around for answers. Soon, she finds out the real truth about the lies, betrayals, and, above all, injustice, but she can't tell anyone about it, and that includes her dear husband. Liz discovers that despite the fact that all those folks around her seem nice, there's enough bad in every good person out there.

And now she's got an impossible choice to make: either leave everything the way it is and forget about the wrongs of the past or bring it all to light and deal with the devastating consequences. The Quaker Café is a 100% Southern story with a great cast of characters, a gripping, authentic story, and a strong message. You'll find yourself laughing your ass off, crying your soul out and enjoying every page of this wonderful novel.

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