The Radio Planet by Ralph Milne Farley

Ralph-Milne-Farley-The-Radio-PlanetOne day Myles Cabot woke up on a strange continent of another planet. He, who a while ago invented the radio transmission of matter, must survive on this strange land. It seems he is on the Venus and getting back to his home, his friends and relatives are really problematic.

Very soon he finds what he can do with his new life. He goes on a war between Venus people and a cruel army of scary creatures, enormous insects, and even dinosaurs. To destroy an enemy Myles must build enormous machine, using only the rocks and elements and some useful minerals. He must try very hard because all native technology is on the stone-age level. And in the end, the main character must return somehow to the Earth.

But before building a working war machine Myles wants to make a decent radio set. With this technology, he wants to communicate with his friends from Earth. Myles asks the natives to find some minerals he badly. Then you will wind a very detailed description of what hard manufacturing processes. The whole process described so extensively what you can think that the true author of this book is a graduate engineer.

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