The-Rage-Of-Plum-Blossoms-By-Christine-M.-WhiteheadQuinn, a modern-day attorney, is going through a rough patch. Jordan, her spouse, one of the greatest businessmen of the city, has been found dead right outside of their mansion. He was killed in some strange clothes - not his - and was last seen at a mysterious spot that he never really used to visit. And finally, he was talking to folks well above his pay grade.

Oh, and one last thing - the man turned out to be a lot richer than he was supposed to be. That's everything Attorney Jones was able to discover, and now, given the fact that the police department has officially named her husband's passing a suicide, they're not even starting an official investigation. That means the poor widow is on her own, and nobody's there to lend that helping hand and/or reveal the real truth behind this horrible death.

Now, Quinn is just a regular person: she's good at her job, loves horses, watching TV and martial arts, but when it comes to the murder of her own man, she's kinda lost. At the same time, she has no other option but to learn her way around it fast, otherwise, she might not make it in this new, harsh and hostile reality. Luckily, Quinn has a few leads, including a picture of her husband and a gorgeous Asian woman she's never seen before and a 1986 check for 12 mil.

These clues are more than enough for the heroine to embark on a dangerous quest towards finding out what really happened that day and what it all has to do with her. The Rage of Plum Blossoms is a first-class mystery thriller that's cozy and edgy, which makes it both riveting and exciting. The characters are well-developed, the story is unpredictable and keeps you guessing, and there's enough humor to lighten up the mood.

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