First published in 1906, this classic and popular children’s book by E. Nesbit is centered on a family hit by misfortune due to false accusation. One evening, two men arrive at the family’s house and take the head of the family away and his disappearance forced the mother to move her three young children to a small cottage near a railway station. The siblings – Roberta, Peter, and Phyllis - spend a lot of time watching the trains and eventually befriend the porter and the station master.

In this full-length edition, the readers will be delighted of the young trio’s exciting adventures in the railway station including their successful attempt to stop the train using red petticoats and the heart-warming reunion of the family after their gentleman friend is able to help prove their father’s innocence. This classic story captured the hearts of generations of readers and more recently, its screen adaptations also entertained television and movie audiences with its warmth and appeal.

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