This is a deeply intimate, moving and touching collection of letters between Anderson Cooper, one of the greatest American writers and the legendary 60 Minutes correspondent, and his mom, Gloria. It's quite an educational, wise and witty book that's also surprisingly revealing and offers a tiny glimpse into their busy lives. Anderson is a very important man and has little to no time for himself.

Yet, he does manage to talk to his 91-year-old mom every once in a while and shows her his appreciation. One time, when she fell ill for a short period of time, they started an honest conversation via e-mails, and it was a magical thing, to say the least. Never before have they opened up to each other to this extent and found understanding and support. They both needed that deep conversation that allowed them to talk more about their lives, hopes, dreams, and everything else in between.

We can share the things that really matter to us to the ones that we love and trust, and there's so much we can learn by simply speaking to our family members. The Rainbow Comes and Goes is a son's enthusiastic, inspiring letter to his mom, a letter of appreciation. At the same time, it's a bunch of vital life lessons from a loving mother to her star-of-a-son.

So, if you ever wanted to read a personal correspondence between celebrity family members, this is your best chance to do that. You'll find great insights, a wonderful sense of humor, and so much more in these fascinating letters. These are their most private thoughts, and now we can all enjoy this memoir slash masterpiece. No matter our age, we all need compassion and support in this harsh world and The Rainbow Comes and Goes is an eye-opening reflection on life itself.

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