the-reader-by-traci-cheeTraci Chee delivers a marvelous debut with The Reader, an instant bestseller that will captivate you with strong, powerful characters, an unusual, breath-taking world and a fast-paced, action-charged narrative. Sefia, the main character of the book, is forced to learn how to survive in a harsh environment. Her dad was killed in a brutal manner, and she had to run for her life. She flew into the wild lands and managed to survive there with the help of Nin, her aunt. She taught her how to make sense of the wilderness, how to track, hunt and steal.

However, soon someone kidnaps Nin, and Sefia is left all alone, without a shoulder to lean on. And, even though she does have some basic survival skills, it's not enough to track down the people who took her aunt. Sefia doesn't really know where to start, and that's when she remembers that strange object her dad left behind, and now it's the only thing that connects his death and Nin's kidnapping.

It takes some time for the girl to realize that what she's holding in her hands is a book, a mesmerizing item that nobody ever saw or heard of. There are no books whatsoever in Sefia's world, but, if she puts it to good use, it might just turn the tide. And when a mysterious stranger agrees to help her out and save her aunt, the girl becomes confident that she can save Nin and find out the real truth about the day when her dad was murdered.

She's full of rage and wants the people who did this to her to suffer. The Reader is an amazing novel for all the fans of science fiction and fantasy, and Traci Chee managed to hit the bull’s-eye with her debut. The story is unique, the action-charged narrative is compelling, and Sefia is an amazing character to root for.

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