the-red-bandanna-by-tom-rinaldiThe Red Bandanna is the mesmerizing and uplifting story of Mr. Welles Crowther, a brilliant man whose courage, dedication and character on 9/11 inspired people and made them believe in the Greater Good. Tom Rinaldi, a bestselling author, did a marvelous job of showing us, the regular men and women, what kind of a wonderful person Welles was. Back in the day, when he was just a teenager, his dad gave him a red handkerchief. It was a Sunday morning and the whole family was getting ready to go to church.

His father's gift became his lucky fixture and he always put it on - wherever he went. Growing up in NY, Mr. Crowther used to be an amazing athlete; plus, he volunteered at the fire department, just like his dad did. Next, after graduation, he became a successful "Wall Street fella" and got a job at the famous Twin Towers.

However, he still dreamed of becoming a firefighter and saving lives. And when the attack happened, his mom and dad didn't know what happened to their son. A few terrifying days went buy until they came to accept that Welles was gone. But, almost a year after the towers fell, his mom read a news piece from a few survivors that claimed they were all saved by a man nobody has seen before. After he successfully led them to safety, he got back in. The survivors never got his name, however, despite the panic, they did remember that he was wearing...a red bandanna.

The Red Bandanna is a wonderful book about a great man who wasn't afraid to do the right thing - to sacrifice his own life for saving others. Tom Rinaldi convincingly shows us that one life can make a huge difference and that people like Welles Crowther should be forever remembered as the real heroes of our time.

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