The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

The-Red-Tent-epub-mobiYou may say that The Red Tent is an extended feminist release of the 1st half of The Second Book of Moses before moving to Egypt (which does not make it less interesting). All events described in novel taken from Bible as many main characters.

The story told by the daughter of Jacob, known only by the fact that she was the cause of hideous and immoral massacre committed by her brothers. So Dean is the narrator. She gives the reader her own version of events. She describes how women live in a time when history is made by the collective minds while women are the property of men.

In the early 1970s, the feminist movement begins rethinking religious traditions and rituals. There were written 2 famous articles about Jewish feminism in the United States. The first one was the "lack of freedom of Jewish Women," written in 1970 by the legendary Jewish journalist Trudy Weiss-Rosemary. The second, "A Jew who was not there - Halacha and Jewish Woman", published then-orthodox Jewish Rachel Adler, who is now a professor of theology.

The ideas expressed in these articles, crystallized for twenty years to find a reflection in the fundamental text of Jewish feminism - "Again, standing at Sinai", written by Professor Judith Plaska in 1990. The author brings the reader back to the episode of the Torah, in which, as the comments say, not only the present generation came out of Egypt, but also the souls of people came, who ever lived as the Jews.

However, in 1970, a formal reconsideration of women's participation in the Jewish tradition was still not significant. Therefore, women have begun to play a fundamental role in Judaism. Anita Diamant as the author has grown from these roots.

It is not surprising that the "Red Tent" literally splatters unbridled energy of a woman on each page, which finally got the right to take birth control pills and the ability to burn the bra. Women in the "Red Tent", in spite of the life in a deeply patriarchal society, are assertive, bold and not afraid to express their opinions. They do it in the depths of the "red tent" where they passed the time of menstruation, sharing legends and teaching the girls.

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