The Reign of Arthur: From History to Legend

The-Reign-of-Arthur--From-History-to-LegendThis intriguing volume looks at the early sources describing Arthur's career and compares them to the reality of Britain in the 5th and 6th centuries.

It presents the most up-to-date scholarship and a convincing case for the existence of a real 6th-century British general called Arthur.

Many Arthurian enthusiasts have attempted to identify the one and true original for the man who became the center of so much legend, the genuine King Arthur. Working from Welsh poems and Medieval tales, such writers have come up with a myriad of answers to the question: "Who was the real Arthur?"

He was from Scotland, from Wales, from Cornwall. He was an overking, a minor king, a mere leader of a small warband. But while such studies in popular history have been churned out year by year, academic historians in recent decades have been largely dismissive of the notion of a historical original, instead contending that the figure of Arthur was wholly mythical, the legends contaminating the few ancient sources (such as Nennius and Bede) that mention him.

Yet, such dismissal of a historical Arthur by many academics seems to be something of a matter of faith in iteself, with little being published on the subject.

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