The-Reluctant-Cowboy-By-Pearce-KateNothing like a good old romantic western to warm you up after a tiresome day at work, right? Pearce Kate feels the same way, and that's probably why she's delivering all kinds of amazing action-adventure novels about bad-boy cowboys and their ladies that become instant bestsellers. The destructive childhood of the Morgan brothers left them all stranded, and they went down different roads, leaving the fam ranch and those good-old horses far behind.

However, now, after so many years away, they're all "hailed back" home - to Cali. So, will the valiant boys save the lands and reunite with each other, or will their efforts fail? Chase never really liked that rural slash rustic life, and being a cowboy is probably the last thing on his list of life priorities.

Today, he owns a booming tech company; yet, nothing can make all those memories go away - the secrets, the lies, his teenage years. And coming back to the ranch to lend that helping hand to his grandmother, Ruth, might be his one and only chance to set the record straight with his past, so to speak. But, he could never expect to meet a smart, witty, gorgeous and insanely attractive young woman in what he used to call his home so many years ago.

Her name is January, she's a historian, and she's fixed on saving the ranch. And, she's got big hopes for Chase - that stubborn, rugged, handsome and sultry cowboy. The two instantly fall for each other, but there are several obstacles that they'll have to overcome in order to be together. If you love cowboys and everything that comes with them, then you'll fall in love with The Reluctant Cowboy!

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