the-reluctant-midwife-by-patricia-harmanPatricia Harman, a best-selling author, is back with the official sequel to The Midwife of Hope River. The new novel is heartfelt, warm, moving and funny all at the same time, and it talks about the unbelievable strength and endurance of the human spirit. The Great Depression is ragin' and America is barely surviving. West Virginia is pretty much devastated, with no light at the end of the tunnel.

The fellas are out of work, the women have no idea how to feed their starving kids. Fortunately, Becky, a nurse, is back, and she's ready to do whatever it takes to take care of these folks. Now, despite the fact that she's got some experience behind her back and handles the majority of situations, she still needs to learn a lot about helping the future mommies with giving birth to their children.

That's why Patience, her close friend, arrived in Virginia with her - she's a pro at this stuff. And, even though Becky is happy and excited to be back in Hope River, a small town, she's not the same cheerful and joyful girl she used to be before all this: tragedy and the horrors of despair have changed her. Patience is also a different woman now.

She's got a husband and is about to have a baby herself, and she's hoping that the young nurse has what it takes to take care of the poor ladies. At the same time, being a midwife and helping others is not the only challenge for these women...The Reluctant Midwife is full of hope, faith and compassion, and it's a deeply touching tribute to the power of love. With it, we can overcome everything and make it through the toughest times.

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