Davis, just a regular human being, survives a plane crash and feels the otherworldly power that consumed the ground near the tragic crash. Numerous folks are dead, including his moms and pops, but the young man doesn't even have a scratch on his body. With his parents gone, he decides to visit his grandparents and try to start a brand-new life in Arizona, away from the painful memories.

However, even though he's doing every humanly possible thing to let go of the past and move on, he still can't stop asking himself the same question: why did he survive when everybody else died? Soon, he comes across Kelly, a dashing homeless young woman who shows the fella supernatural powers that he never thought could be real.

At first, Davis is stunned by her abilities - nothing more - but then, he finds that he's drawn to her like crazy, and she feels the same way. And when his girlfriend comes to lend him that much-needed hand during a time of crisis, he ends up in quite a pickle. At the same time, Nibiru, a faraway planet, is about to orbit Earth for the first time in 3.6K years; when it arrives, humankind, along with the mighty Greek gods, will be annihilated.

There's only one man who can save our home and keep the balance steady. Davis thought that the plane crash was the worst thing that could ever happen to him, but his fight is just about to begin...The Rise Of Olympus is a fascinating science fiction slash fantasy novel that will be greatly appreciated by the young adult fans of all that mysterious slash mythological stuff. Robert Kauffman is one of the greatest writers in the genre right now; so, don't miss out on his latest bestseller!

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