In a tiny townlet somewhere along the great Mississippi River, 2 identical, yet isolated attacks violently took the lives of two happily married folks right in their very houses. A little boy, the one and only survivor of the horrifying murders, is lying in the hospital unconscious. The cops have only one lead to follow: the little lad's vague description of the killer - a monster.

Liam, an ex-homicide detective, a hard-boiled fella with tons of experience behind his back, lost his alienated bruv to the murderer, so, he's going to do whatever it takes to bring him to justice. The police take him in as a suspect, and that's when he gives the promise to figure out what really happened, avenge his brother and clear his own name.

However, it's gonna be a tough ride for him, as the crooked local government and the victims have one thing in common - a huge line-up of deep, dark secrets. At the same time, the terrifying man with no motive whatsoever (at least, that's what the cops think) keeps on killing innocent folks and leaving the Po-Po with nothing but bodies to collect.

So, Dempsey is pretty much the only one out there who can do something about the town's wicked murderer, but, in order to put him down, the old-timer will have to put everything on the line and risk his own life. The simple fact is - nobody is safe anymore, and Liam himself could be the next target. Will he be able to catch the killer before he delivers that lethal blow? The River Is Dark is a great mystery thriller with a strong, gripping plot, a fine cast of well-developed, multi-layered characters and Joe Hart's writing brilliance.

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