the-road-to-little-dribbling-by-bill-brysonBack in 1995, more than 2 decades ago, Mr. Bill Bryson, an American citizen, decided that it would be a good idea to take a motoring trip around the United Kingdom and to fully explore that wonderful island. Then, he wrote a book about his life-changing experience, and it quickly became one of the greatest, sharpest and funniest portrays of the UK to ever hit the bookshelves.

And now, 20 years later, Bryson is a proud citizen of Britain, and that means it's time to relive all those amazing memories and to once again embark on a country long trip. It's time for the man to rediscover the beautiful landscapes, the wonderful weather and the terrific people that became a big part of his life.

So, in this book, the author follows a pretty straight line through the UK and shares his own thoughts and first-hand experiences on every single stone village, every inn, pub and any other uplifting and not-so-much "institutions" that caught his eye. Keep in mind that The Road to Little Dribbling is not a detailed description or a map of the lands that Mr. Bryson traveled through. No, it's more of a funny, laid-back and entertaining story from a man who knows how to make the readers laugh and how to get them really excited about the stuff that he's talking about on these pages.

The book includes hilarious tales about how he survived a cow attack in Torcross, got lost in a supermarket and talked to the regular English folks about the devastating force of aggressive development and how that threatens the country's natural wonders. The Road to Little Dribbling is an engaging, witty and smart book that will most certainly keep you entertained from the first page to the very last one.

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