Anastasia, a lovely princess from the Romanov dynasty, disappeared into thin air, and nobody was ever able to figure out where she went and why. It's been almost 100 years, and finally, a brilliant doc, Pavlov, finds some rock-hard evidence.

The doctor, of Russian descent, is a forensic archaeologist working in the United States, and she's about to uncover a century-old mystery that's been troubling the hearts and minds of countless scientists from all over the world. She starts digging outside of the gorgeous city of Ekaterin burg, where they murdered the tsar's fam in 1918. Soon, she finds a "fresh" body that sheds some light on the disappearance of the legendary dynasty and Anastasia, the lovely daughter of Nikolai.

The discovery takes Laura all the way over to Ireland where she encounters something truly game-changing. There, she learns of centuries-old secrets that were never supposed to come out...The Romanov Conspiracy is a blood-chilling, breath-taking and gripping mystery thriller for the fans of suspenseful and action-packed novels.

It's heavily based on true events and Glenn Meade, the author, used his own vivid imagination and writing skills to create an engrossing, un-put-down-able book. This is a true page-turner, and you simply won't be able to resist it. The Romanov Conspiracy is a story of friendship, strong bonds and love tested by the horrors of war. The revolution in the Russian Empire in the beginning of the 20th century was one of the most brutal and bloodthirsty ones in history, which sets a perfect "mood" for a riveting, thought-provoking thriller.


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