the-round-house-by-louise-erdrichLouise Erdrich is one of the best chroniclers of the American way of living and a remarkable novelist of the 21st century, and she's officially back with The Round House, an award-winning and bestselling ground-breaker. This time around, she writes about the Ojibwe reservation in ND. This is the story of a young boy who's about to become a man. He's looking for justice and equality after a horrifying crime devastates and forever changes his whole family.

The critics are already calling The Round House a revelation in modern-day literature and probably the greatest masterpiece of the last decade. It's riveting, full of tension and will keep you on your feet from the first page to the very last one. This is a true American saga, a tale about hate crimes, terrible murders, moral ramifications, and more.

The author managed to do the impossible: she "glued" together the crazy comedy of life with its brutality and tragedy, making The Round House an absolute must-have. Yes, it's a 100% page-turner, and, even though Erdrich's superb writing style is usually too complex for the readers to enjoy after a hard day's work, it's safe to say that The Round House is her most accessible story to date.

It's a moving, inspiring tale of family, love, loss, faith and history. And, it's also a fascinating coming-of-age story that will leave you speechless. At the end of the day, words can't really describe how amazing this novel is, so, if you love game-changing books that come around only once a decade or so, make sure to buy The Round House and dive into the magnificent universe that Louise Erdrich created for us.

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