the-same-sky-by-amanda-eyre-wardAmanda Eyre Ward, the world-esteemed author of international bestsellers, delivers a heart-warming, heart-wrenching and moving story about love, faith, and overcoming the many obstacles in life. Alice owns a restaurant with her man, and together they're enjoying a nice, quiet life in Austin. They work hard, love each other to death, their business is booming and their neighbors seem to adore them.

Still, something's bugging Alice: she feels like they're destined for something greater and that something important is missing from their lives. Carla is a rough-tough young lady who had no other choice but to grow up fast and stand up for herself. She's taking care of her 6-year-old brother because their mom left them behind and moved to Texas.

When her grandma passes away, and Honduras becomes a modern-day war zone, the girl decides to take her chances and to join the huge number of kids who are traveling across Mexico to America. Yes, they're taking a huge risk, but there's no going back now. Soon, Carla and Alice come together, and they completely change each other's lives. The Same Sky is a gripping, charming and uplifting novel about bravery, ambitions, hope, and the daily struggles of ordinary folks who just want to be happy.

This is a story about people who are striving to find the one and only place where they and their families truly belong. Amanda Eyre Ward created a riveting, honest, beautifully-written book that will hook you up and never let go of. The prolog is awesome, and the epilog is breath-taking. The characters of this brilliant book are likable and believable, and they show the middle-class US citizens how difficult life is for the people from Central America.

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