the-seasoned-life-by-ayesha-curryThis is a wonderfully written cookbook that will be a perfect gift for the countless home chefs around the world who put their families first. Ayesha Curry delivers an impressive collection of 100 ready-steady-go recipes for every time of the year and every day of the week. As you read the book, you feel like you're getting invited into the beautiful home that the author created with her husband and two daughters.

Curry knows very well what it means to be a modern-day wife and mother, and she's happy to share more than a few secrets with the readers. Ayesha knows that you can only achieve harmony, love, and understanding in the family if you manage to bring them together around the kitchen table. The Seasoned Life appeals to a very wide audience and offers something for everybody.

The recipes are simple, yet they look and taste amazing, plus, the majority of these recipes will help you get the whole family involved in the exciting process of cooking, including the kids and the elderly. So, if you appreciate kind, warm, and, obviously, delicious cookbooks that talk about food and cooking from a family perspective and give you the necessary wit, knowledge, and wisdom to bring everybody together around the dinner table, then it's safe to say that Ayesha Curry is your new hero!

The Seasoned Life may not be the most intriguing book in the world, but it certainly does feature tons of brilliant recipes and tips/tricks to help you in your daily routine. Furthermore, the author's kind, loving writing style makes the whole process of learning new stuff and trying it in the kitchen so much more fun!

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