The Secret Circle: The Temptation

secret-circleAs the leader of the Secret Circle, Cassie is faced with impossible choices and new dangers at every turn . . . and one wrong move can break the Circle apart forever. Now, as Cassie battles her evil half sister, she faces a new and terrible danger. Black John's curse has been unleashed on the Circle, and it is up to Cassie to set things right.

As Cassie's heart is tested once more, she is forced to finally choose between Nick and Adam, and she faces the ultimate test of her power in this gripping showdown between good and evil.

"The Secret Circle: The Temptation" picks up right where "The Hunt" left off with the circle possessed by the ancestors of the Black line. This book definitely up's the stakes compared to the prior causing Cassie to seek the help of a powerless Witch named Timothy and discover the origin of her family (which is very dark and interesting).

This book ties up loose ends with the series (Cassie's complicated relationship with Nick for example). I was very pleased with this series' final novel. I know there has been a lot of negativity that Aubrey Clark took over the series from L.J. Smith but I am very pleased with the prior two novels of the series (not that I didn't fall in love with the original three). Aubrey Clark did a great job with the transition of the characters, down to the smallest details.

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