the-secret-keepers-by-trenton-lee-stewartWhen it comes to children's books, Trenton Lee Stewart is, without a doubt, one of the most prominent writers in modern-day literature. His Mysterious Benedict Society series got all kinds of international praise and topped numerous sales charts worldwide. The Secret Keepers is his latest work to date, and it's a heart-racing, thrilling mystery tale that's both magical and fun. As soon as Reuben comes across a mysterious antique watch, he realizes that it's a powerful artifact, and that's when his life flips 180 degrees.

In the beginning, this wonderful watch is super exciting, but, as secrets unfold one after the other, it becomes harder and harder to resist the calling and not to try to be a hero. So, he eventually embarks on a dangerous adventure that's full of strange, mysterious characters and vicious traps, trying to solve the mystery before there's nothing left to solve.

Along the way, Reuben meets the super-strong Jack, the fearless Penny, and the smart Mrs. Genevieve. At the same time, he's facing a mighty villain in the name of The Smoke, and there's no telling whether the heroes will be able to stop him and his team of defenders and save the city and everybody in it. Trenton Lee Stewart did a wonderful job of creating a colorful, unique, intriguing world and he invites all the readers to embark on the journey and join the characters in learning the secrets and fighting the evil.

The Secret Keepers is a masterfully crafted, beautifully written, fun and engaging book for the kids. It sets just the right mood for your children to be able to enjoy the amazing narrative and learn about the most important things in life - friendship, honor, bravery, honesty, and love.

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