If you're a teen and a big fan of Mr. Harry Potter, this sweeping new fantasy tale will be perfect for you. Alex is going through something disturbing: at first, he thought that he was hallucinating, thanks to some pills he took at the party or due to the fact that he's been working overtime lately. However, when he saw Natalie being followed by a strange man that nobody else seemed to be noticing, he knew that it was real.

The girl herself claims that there's no man walking along with her, but Alex keeps seeing them together, and when they take a mysterious road in his hood that was never there, he decides to follow the couple. A turbulent journey takes him to a magical place and he finds himself standing right in front of an iron gate.

Behind the gate, there's a blood-chilling mansion filled with magic - both dark and pure. Spells, ridiculous residents, ever-changing sights and everything else in between tell Alex that he's in the presence of magic that's equally beautiful and lethal. And, given the fact that he's just a regular guy, the dangers in Spellshadow Manor are not for him to handle.

The mansion's leader is keeping a secret, and if Alex wants to escape this hazardous place and save Natalie, he's gonna have to figure it out and use it against him. But what if it's already too late and he's forever doomed to stay in the Manor? The Secret of Spellshadow Manor brings mystery, thrill, suspense, twists, turns, and, of course, magic together to deliver an unforgettable journey into the world of the unknown. The book is intended for the young adult audience, but even the grown-ups will find it quite interesting.

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