the-secret-wife-by-gill-paulGill Paul delivers a smart, witty, enthralling novel that made it into the list of best-selling historical romance book. The critics are calling it a triumph, and it's hard to disagree with that. It's 1914, and Russia is struggling to survive. The country is on the brink of devastation and total chaos, and the Romanovs, the royal family, don’t know what to expect from the future.

Tatiana, a grand duchess, is deeply in love with an army man - a cavalry officer - but when the whole world starts to collapse, their love for each other and their very lives are put in danger. Fast-forward to 2016: Kitty is going through a rough patch and runs away from her problems to her great-grandfather's cabin in the United States. She had a great life in England, but she can't go back there after that ground-breaking revelation.

She's miles away from everything that bothers her, everything that makes her feel confused and frustrated, and the lake allows her to get herself together. Soon, she finds a jeweled pendant, a historical gem that holds a huge family secret that has been buried for a whole century...The Secret Wife is an epic romantic novel that takes us back and forth through time and tells a breath-taking story of love, loss, and faith.

Gill Paul created a deeply moving, beautifully written and engaging book that will be greatly appreciated by the fans of Morton and Jefferies. The Secret Wife is one of those books that you'll start reading in the evening and wake up in the morning with no sleep at all. It's gripping, enthralling, uplifting and heart-warming, and that is exactly why the critics had only the highest praise for it.

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