The Selection (Book 1) by Kiera Cass

The-Selection-book-1-by-Kiera-Cass-epub-mobiFor 35 young women, there is only one possibility to have a beautiful life. If they will pass a Selection. It is only one chance for only one of them. If a girl passes the test she will live in a beautiful world of fantastic people, amazing gowns, and very expensive jewelry. All of them will be "fight" living in the one big palace. All of them will be try to steal the heart of a young prince. Its name is Maxon, and he will choose only the best girl of them – the most beautiful and clever. Or maybe he has a more extravagant taste?

Not for all of the girls in the world being selected it is something good. For one of them, it is the real nightmare. The girl well known as America Singer did not expect that honor and did not like it very much. Honestly, she did not like it at all. Because of that Selection, she must forget about her bellowed Aspen. This man belongs to a caste below hers, but he is the nice, and clever, and looks like every decent man should.

America Singer did not want to leave her house to a race for a Crown. The merciless competition with other gorgeous women it is not something that she wants to do even for the big price, especially if she did not like her future husband. Especially if she loves another man. Especially if the Selection means living in the palace which regularly threatened by mad rebels. Those rebels attack that place constantly.

But eventually, the girl called America meets the prince. After this life changing event, America begins to question her life. Suddenly, all her plans she is made for herself in the past are not looking so great anymore. Are all her previous dreams really worth it? Prince Maxon can bring much more interesting things in her life, then she could even imagine.

The Selection Series:
The Queen (The selection novella)
The Prince (The selection novella)
The SELECTION (The Selection Book 1)
The ELITE (The Selection Book 2)
The Guard (The selection novella)
The ONE (The selection Book 3)
The Favorite (The selection novella)
Happily Ever After: Companion to the Selection Series
The HEIR (The selection Book 4)
The CROWN (The selection Book 5)

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