There's an ancient curse on the loose in the furthest corners of the 7 Kingdoms, and it's growing bigger and stronger by the minute, consuming everything that stands in its way. Harkeld is the one and only man who can stop it from spreading. He's a prince, and he's got a mage's blood rushing through his mighty veins. However, he's got a handsome bounty on his head and numerous thugs, vagabonds, and lethal assassins are on his tail.

Innis is a talented shapeshifter, and she's forced to do something forbidden - to turn into a man and stand by his side as a loyal servant and protector. They're traveling through the deserts of Masse, and they are even more hazardous than the men that are after the prince, as the curse has brought ancient creatures back to life.

So, now the magic that Harkeld used to despise might just be the only thing that can keep him alive long enough to do the job. The Sentinel Mage is a dark, twisty, compelling and un-put-down-able fantasy novel that will keep you up all night. The writing is exceptional, the narrative is both fast-paced and adrenaline-packed, and the characters are all well-developed, rich and multilayered.

As far as dark fantasy page-turners go, Emily Gee's blockbuster is a must-have for all the fans of the genre. This is the first chapter in the Cursed Kingdoms trilogy, and you can get all three of them right now! You've got all the "usual suspects" of a good-old traditional fantasy story, including magic, valiant princes, devastating plagues, shape shifters, monsters - that kind of thing. But the brilliant writing, along with the superb narrative is what makes this book a stand-out cut.

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